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This KN95 face mask is made of quality, safe, soft and comfortable material, it comes with up to 95% filtration by covering the mouth and nose. Adjustable nose clip embedded and elastic ear loop can fit most of the people. Convenient ear loop design allows you to slip on and remove your mask quickly and easily. This mask should be replaced in time, and the long term used is not recommended, it is suggested to stop using it if there is any unfitness or adverse reactions in the process of wearing. This mask is not washable, please ensure that it is used within the validity period. You can store in a dry, ventilated place and stay away from fire and flammable materials.


The mask is individually packed in a poly bag.

The quantity refers to the total quantity of the Mask.

So for example, for 100 units, with products coming in a 25 pcs/box, the delivery would included 4 boxes, containing 25 Masks each.


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