Hand washing & Hygiene What can I do to keep my workers safe at the workplace and limit the spread of COVID-19?

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Handwashing and hygiene

Have hand sanitiser stations at entry and exit points and around the workplace.

Ensure bathrooms are well stocked with hand wash and paper towel.

Put up posters with instructions on how to hand wash/hand rub.

Instruct workers on other ways to limit the spread of germs, including by not touching their face, sneezing into their elbow, and staying home if feeling sick.

Have automatic alerts set up on computer systems to remind workers about washing hands and not touching eyes, nose and face

Instruct your workers to limit contact with others– no shaking hands or touching objects unless necessary.

If possible, accept only cashless transactions.

Increase access to closed bins in your workplace.

Put up signs to request customers only touch objects they are going to buy

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