Physical Distancing What can I do to keep my workers safe at the workplace and limit the spread of COVID-19?

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Physical Distancing

Put up posters around the workplace on keeping at least 1.5 metres distance between everyone at the workplace.

Erect signs at the entrances to lifts and meeting rooms to ensure the maximum safe capacity is not exceeded.

Move work stations, desks and tables in staffrooms further apart to comply with social distancing.

If possible, bring in shift arrangements so less staff are in the workplace at once.

Instruct workers to have meetings by phone or online instead of in person. If not possible, require they meet in a large space and keep meetings short.

Review regular deliveries and request contactless delivery. Check systems for e-invoicing are in place.

Provide social distancing markers on the floor in areas where customers line up or where workers perform tasks.

Nominate a person on the work floor to be responsible for keeping everyone the required 1.5 metre distance apart in accordance with the latest government requirements.

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